An Insightful social sharing made easy with Buffer extension for Chrome.


Buffer is an extension for Google Chrome which makes sharing content across social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn with one click but, with difference. On sharing content with Buffer, your post (content) will be well posted at better time, well spaced out over the day, claims Buffer. Apart from sharing, you can schedule content when to be posted. Buffer also provides analytics with each share. This app will prove very helpful for web publishers and marketers.

There is a pro, paid version called awesome, which helps you connect to 12 social networks at once.

Developer(s): Buffer Apps
Language support: Deutsch, English, español, русский
Home page: Buffer Apps
License: Terms & Conditions.

HOW TO: Installing Buffer on Google Chrome:

1. Go to Chrome web store an search for Buffer, or simple click on the above download link and click on “ADD TO CHROME“.

2. Google Chrome asks for user permission to add extension to the web browser. Click on “Add” to install extension to web browsers and “Cancel” to stop the installation process. Chrome also displays, what the extension might access on the web browser.

3. Now, Buffer icon with message pop up appears at upper right corner of browser, indicating that the extension has successfully integrated with the Chrome.

HOW TO: Using Buffer on Google Chrome:

1. After installing the extension, buffer will direct you to the welcome page.

2. Click on the Buffer icon when you like to buffer/share an article from the current web page. Buffer, then automatically fetches the article and shortens URL. Clicking on “Share Now“, Buffer will be post the fetched article immediately to added social network account, clicking on “Buffer“, Buffer will choose the best time and post it on behalf of you.



3. But before posting via buffer, we need to add social accounts with buffer, here is how to do it. You can add social accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Linked In right from the buffer dashboard. Make sure you authorize it.

4. You can even re-post the same article at desired time and date with schedule option.

HOW TO: Disable/Remove Buffer from Google Chrome:

1. Go to Chrome Setting > Tools > Extensions, or simply type “chrome://chrome/extensions/” in URL bar.

2. Now, un-tick the Buffer to temporarily disable the extension. Click on the dustbin icon and you will be greeted with pop-up, click “Remove” to remove the extension from Google Chrome.


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