Bluehell Firewall, lightweight Ad-Blocker addon for Mozilla Firefox.


Bluehell Firewall is a lightweight ad-blocker add-on developed by Diego Casorran for Mozilla Firefox. This the same developer who created an add-on to prevent facebook phishing on Firefox. This add-on weighs only 30 Kilo Bytes which makes it non compromising with browser performance but comes with price. Lightweight means no configurable settings. So, you can’t depend on this add-on for complete elimination of annoying ads, particularly those non Google ads and private ad pop-ups.

So, Bluehell Firewall an alternative to Adblock Plus? My answer, definitely not.

Developer(s): Diego Casorran
Language support: English
Home page: Bluehell Firewall
License: Mozilla Public License, version 2.0
Donate: Click here
Download: Add to Firefox

HOW TO: Installing Bluehell Firewall on Mozilla Firefox:

1. Go to Bluehell Firewall Mozilla add-on page, or simply click on the above download link and click on “Add to Firefox“.

2. If Mozilla Firefox asks user permission for installation of addon. Click “Allow” to continue installation, leave it to abort.

3. Bluehell Firewall installation box pops-up. Click “Install Now” to continue installing add-on, “Cancel” to abort installation.

4. On successful installation, Bluehell Firewall displays pop-up confirming the same.

HOW TO: Using Bluehell on Mozilla Firefox:

1. Since the add-on is lightweight, there are no configurable settings. Its one click enable/disable ads.

2. Bluehell Firewall is effective at blocking Google Ads but fails to block other ad publishers like Bing’s, private ad publishers.

Bluehell Firewall ad-blocker not effective on Bing Ads.

HOW TO: Disable/Remove Bluehell Firewall from Mozilla Firefox:

1. Click on the Firefox, located at left upper corner of the web browser and go to “Add-ons”.

or press “Alt“, Menu bar pops-up, then go to Tools > Add-ons, or you can simply use shortcut key “Ctrl+Shift+A” to access add-on (extension) manger.

2. Now, click on “Disable” to disable the add-on temporarily or click “Remove” to remove the add-on permanently from the browser.

NOTE: This add-on doesn’t require restart for the actions to take effect.


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