Making use of Manage Search Engines in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome gives user the opportunity to mange search engines without depending on extensions unlike Mozilla Firefox. With this feature, you can search products from your favourite online shopping site, get news from your favourite news site direct from the Google Chrome’s Address Bar (omnibox). He is how you can setup custom search with Chrome search engine management. For example,

Making Amazon IN, Online Shopping Site as default Search Site in Google Chrome:

1. Go to Chrome Settings.


2. In Search tab, click on the “Manage search engines…“.


3. Now add a name of search site, in my case Amazon IN, in “Add a new search engine“, URL (Site Address) in “Keyword“, in my case and search syntax, in my case;= in “URL with %s in place of qu……” and make it default.


Find the right syntax is a bit tricky but simple with the help of comparison. Here is how I found out the correct syntax of with “Sony” and “Samsung” as examples.

For Sony:;=sony


For Samsung:;=samsung&rh;=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Asamsung


We notice that blue highlighted text is same no matter what the search word is, so, copy the repeated search syntax and type %S after that text. So, the final search syntax for the will look like this:;=%s

For most of the site, the search syntax looks like this:

4. Next time I can search products from Amazon IN directly with Google Chrome URL bar.


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