Upgrade Firefox’s Search & Find Capabilities with Fastest Search Addon.


Fastest Search is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox which upgrades Firefox’s search capability within a webpage similar to that of what Google Chrome offers. Apart from basic search, you have search by case-sensitive, instant search in URL bar, fast/instant search on custom search engines, unique smart search, auto copy/drag & drop feature and know other features.

Developer(s): Mingyi Liu
Language support: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Polish, Italian
Home page: Fastest Search
License: Custom License
Donate: Click here
Download: Add to Firefox

HOW TO: Installing Fastest Search on Mozilla Firefox:

1. Go to Fastest Search Mozilla add-on page, or simply click on the above download link and click on “Add to Firefox“.


2. If Mozilla Firefox asks user permission for installation of addon. Click “Allow” to continue installation, leave it to abort.

3. Fastest Search installation box pops-up. Click “Install Now” to continue installing add-on, “Cancel” to abort installation.


4. On successful installation, you will be notified with the same message.


HOW TO: Using Fastest Search on Mozilla Firefox:

1. To use Fastest Search feature, press “Ctrl” +”Shift” +”F” or you can use default “Ctrl”+”F” but, this should be enabled in Fastest Search Option’s Keyboard Shortcut menu.



2. To search directly from webpage, select the word, search logos of Google, Youtube, IMDB, Wikipedia pops up, click on desired service.


3. Start typing in URL bar to search instantly, as you type. This features can be turned off via options and the loading speed can be adjusted.

4. To access Fastest Search Option, click on the Fastest Search icon located at bottom right side of browser in Add-ons bar.


Check out Video Tutorials to use this add-on at its optimum level.

HOW TO: Disable/Remove Fastest Search from Mozilla Firefox:

1. Click on the Firefox, located at left upper corner of the web browser and go to “Add-ons”.

or press “Alt“, Menu bar pops-up, then go to Tools > Add-ons, or you can simply use shortcut key “Ctrl+Shift+A” to access add-on (extension) manger.

2. Now, click on “Disable” to disable the add-on temporarily or click “Remove” to remove the add-on permanently from the browser.


NOTE: This add-on doesn’t require restart for the actions to take effect.


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