Adding Pro Like Features to YouTube with YouTube Options Extension for Google Chrome.


YouTube Options is an extension for Google Chrome, Opera and Safari which enables additional features to popular video sharing site like YouTube, and some but not all features to other video sharing sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, G4TV, FEARnet, Funny or Die, Hulu, The Escapist, the Dump, and Twitter. Other features includes removal of Ads, keyboard support for HTML5, creating RSS link, changing favicons ….

Developer(s): SPOI
Language support: English
Home page: YouTube Options (YTO)
Support: Click Here
Download: Free (ADD TO CHROME)

HOW TO: Installing YouTube Options (YTO) on Google Chrome:

1. Go to Chrome web store an search for YouTube Options (YTO), or simple click on the above download link and click on “FREE (ADD TO CHROME)“.


2. Google Chrome asks for user permission to add extension to the web browser. Click on “Add” to install extension to web browsers and “Cancel” to stop the installation process. Chrome also displays, what the extension might access from the web browser.


3. Now, YouTube Options (YTO) icon with message pop up appears at upper right corner of browser, indicating that the extension has successfully integrated with the Chrome.


HOW TO: Using YouTube Options (YTO) on Google Chrome:

1. After installing the extension, YouTube Options (YTO) will direct you to the first run page where you will be asked to agree the Terms and Conditions of using this extension.



2. You can notice YouTube Options (YTO) icon inside the chrome URL when ever it detects the supporting sites.

3. To change settings while watching YouTube videos, click on the YouTube Options (YTO) icon inside the URL bar and try the desired settings.


4. Other way to access YouTube Options (YTO) Options is via Google Chrome Extension manager. Search for YouTube Options (YTO) and click on “Options“.



Click on “Show advanced settings…” to enable more preference settings.


HOW TO: Disable/Remove YouTube Options (YTO) from Google Chrome:

1. Go to Chrome Setting > Tools > Extensions, or simply type “chrome://chrome/extensions/” in URL bar.

2. Now, un-tick the YouTube Options to temporarily disable the extension. Click on the dustbin icon and you will be greeted with pop-up, click “Remove” to remove the extension from Google Chrome.



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