Dodge/Bypass/Skip Link Protectors With Desprotetor de Links For Chrome.


Desprotetor de Links is an extension for Google Chrome which lets the user to bypass/dodge or skip the link protectors which usually consume time to reach to the final desired link. With Desprotetor de Links, with one click, you can bypass them all. This extension also claims to bypass famous link protectors (pages that ask the user to sign in a paid service, usually connected to cell phones).

Developer(s): desprotetordelinks
Language support: English and português (Brasil)
Home page: Desprotetor de Links
Support: Click Here
Download: Free (ADD TO CHROME)

HOW TO: Installing Desprotetor de Links on Google Chrome:

1. Go to Chrome web store an search for Desprotetor de Links, or simple click on the above download link and click on “FREE (ADD TO CHROME)“.


2. Google Chrome asks for user permission to add extension to the web browser. Click on “Add” to install extension to web browsers and “Cancel” to stop the installation process. Chrome also displays, what the extension might access from the web browser.


3. Now, Desprotetor de Links icon with message pop up appears at upper right corner of browser, indicating that the extension has successfully integrated with the Chrome.


HOW TO: Using Desprotetor de Links on Google Chrome:

1. So when ever you encounter link protector, click on the Desprotetor de Links which is located at top right of url (address) bar.


and kaboom, you will be directed to final (protected) page.


2. To access Desprotetor de Links Options (settings), there are two ways, first by right clicking (RMB) on the Desprotetor de Links icon and then click on “Options” and the other way is via Google Extension Manger.


HOW TO: Disable/Remove Desprotetor de Links from Google Chrome:

1. Go to Chrome Setting > Tools > Extensions, or simply type “chrome://chrome/extensions/” in URL bar.

2. Now, un-tick the Desprotetor de Links to temporarily disable the extension. Click on the dustbin icon and you will be greeted with pop-up, click “Remove” to remove the extension from Google Chrome.



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