Download YouTube Videos with FastestTube Extension, Works With Every Browser.


FastestTube is an extension to download YouTube videos directly from the browser. This extension (add-on) is available for almost every popular browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and Opera). It even disables annoying ads which gets previewed before start of videos.

Developer(s): FastestTube
Language support: English.
Home page: FastestTube
Support: Click Here
Download: Firefox Chrome Safari Internet Explorer Opera

HOW TO: Installing FastestTube In Your Favorite Browser:

1. Click on the above provided link for the installing in the desired browser. For example, If you using Chrome and want to install FastestTube for Chrome, click on “Chrome”.

2. If you want to install this extension for different browser, copy the download link and run in the desired browser to install this extension.

HOW TO: Using FastestTube on YouTube:

1.  After Installation, you will be greeted with pop-up saying ………..

2. Down below video, you should notice Download button. Click on it select the desired format.

HOW TO: Disable/Remove FastestTube from Browser:

1. Go-to respective Add-ons or Extension Manager to disable or remove the extension.


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