CoolPreviews, An Add-on For Firefox Which Lets You Preview Images or Links From Current Page.


CoolPreviews is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox which lets its users to get a preview (hands-on) on images and link (website) from the current page without opening it. From the preview, you can open the previewed page in new tab, email it to your friend or temporary bookmark to stack.

Developer(s): The Cooliris Team
Language support: English
Home page: CoolPreviews
License: Custom License
Support: Click Here
Download: Add to Firefox

HOW TO: Installing CoolPreviews on Mozilla Firefox:

1. Go to CoolPreviews Mozilla add-on page, or simply click on the above download link and click on “Add to Firefox“.


2. If Mozilla Firefox asks user permission for installation of add-on. Click “Allow” to continue installation, leave it to abort.

3. CoolPreviews installation box pops-up. Click “Install Now” to continue installing add-on, “Cancel” to abort installation.


4. On successful installation, CoolPreviews asks user permission to restart the browser. Restart the browser to activate the add-on.


HOW TO: Using CoolPreviews on Mozilla Firefox:

1. On successful installation, you will be redirected to CoolPreviews welcome page.

2. By default, CoolPreviews is activated only for popular sites like Google, twitter, Amazon, Wikipedia, Dictionary and Bing. You can tweak than in Options.

3. To get a preview, just hover mouse over desired link or image, CoolPreviews icon emerges, click on it or hover over it to get a preview.


4. To access preferences, go to Mozilla Firefox Add-ons Manager, search for “CoolPreviews” tab and click on “Options“.


HOW TO: Disable/Remove CoolPreviews from Mozilla Firefox:

1. Click on the Firefox, located at left upper corner of the web browser and go to “Add-ons”.

or press “Alt“, Menu bar pops-up, then go to Tools > Add-ons, or you can simply use shortcut key “Ctrl+Shift+A” to access add-on (extension) manger.

2. Now, click on “Disable” to disable the add-on temporarily or click “Remove” to remove the add-on permanently from the browser.


NOTE: Both options require restart for the actions to take effect.


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