How To Enable Legacy Extensions in New Mozilla Firefox.


Are you missing your favorite Mozilla Firefox extension since Firefox has disable and moved the extension to legacy section which are incompatible with new Firefox Quantum ? No worrier, Browsers Addon to the rescue to resurrect you favorite extensions. Below is the procedure how you can re-enable legacy extension in new Mozilla Firefox.

Here is how you can see which extension in your Mozilla Firefox is moved to legacy.

1. Go to Addons (Ctrl + Shift + A), on left side, you can see “Legacy Extensions” tab, click on it. There you go, now you know which of your extensions is now a legacy extension.


2. To enable legacy extension, we need to tweak advance settings inside Firefox, to do so, type “about:Config” in Firefox URL bar.

3. You will be greeted with warning message about risks tweaking with settings. Click “I accept the risk!


4. In search tab, search for “extensions.legacy“.

5. Double click on the “extensions.legacy.enabled“. The value is change from “false” to “true“. After that, you need to restart your browser.


There you go, now you can use your favorite Firefox extension again.

The only downside is they might be unstable, or there is very good chance that it might not at all work. Let us know in the comments sections about the extension which worked, and which didn’t. Let our community suggest an alternative extension for the one which you need.




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