Next Time You Open Browser, Why Not Be Firefox Quantum?


Hello Browser, It has been few months since the Firefox Quantum is out. Have you tried yet? If not, I request you try it now!!!

Five Reason Why Should Use Firefox Quantum:

1. Overhaul New Design.

With its new initiative Photon, Mozilla came up with this new UI which can take advantage of its new engine. This UI is a result of their study how users browsed the Web with their available real time hardware.

2. Less Memory Consumption.

Now your Firefox will consume less juice, thanks to their new core, and CSS engine.

3. Faster Web page loading.

Yes, web page loads faster than Google Chrome, and even faster when when Firefox’s Quantum tracking protection is enabled.

4. Better Online Privacy.

Now you can stops websites (ad networks) from tracking your web activity 24×7. Apart from privacy, when enabled, it is making Firefox Much more faster. Check out below, how.

5. Faster and Smoother Web Browsing.

With continuously tweaking and upgrading, the jerks when loading a new web page is reduced. This done by using dedicated CPU thread. You can find more about it at here.

Firefox quantum Loading Time

Load Time Comparison.


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